We Have a Number of Convenient Locations

We have a number of convenient locations just for the Apt CoWork subscriber that will empower you to work from home without working from home:

Why Apt CoWork?

A Connection Like No Other

Become part of a network that allows you to work from any Apt CoWork location across the country. Connect with fellow Apt CoWorkers in your home location and locations you travel to.

Convenient to Work and Home

Convenient to Work and Home

Steps from home so you can walk to work, walk the dog, and touch base with family without opening a car door.

Convenient to Work and Home

Distraction-less Environment

No more dogs barking while you’re on a call, chores staring back at you, or family members just wanting to chat.

Convenient to Work and Home

Hyper Connected

Say goodbye to frustrating video conference hiccups, slow internet connectivity, and frozen online software.

Self-Guided Tour

Walk In and Look Around

Walk in and look around at any Apt CoWork location then sign up online to start your subscription. No appointment necessary! Have a question? Can’t tour in person? Click on the location page to learn more about each Apt CoWork community.


We’ve incorporated spaces for every kind of worker. Whether you need work-related activity buzzing around you to be productive, a private space that crowds out the visual distractions, or a room of your own for that important conference call, Apt CoWork has it and more.

Hyper Fast Internet

You’ve never had speed this fast, not even at work.

Charging Stations

No long battery-life necessary. Just plug it in.

Privacy or Community – You Choose

Choose a community workspace or book a private space…your choice!


Coworking The Way It Was Meant to Be

We make working from home without working from home possible by providing flexible workspace as an amenity to apartment communities nationwide. Open to both residents and non-residents.